What is it?

This is a stripped version of the game that contains tools allowing you to customize, preview, and test any 3rd-party content in the actual game’s environment.


Release notes

System requirements


Detailed documentation will come later. You can help us by making your own tutorials. A little one can be found on legacy page.

You can always get help on our #modding channel at Discord.

Quick tips:

Design guidelines

Do not try to exatcly mimic real life representation, but rather try to get fancy nice-looking feel that fits the game overall style.

You can notice that our models are:

Use vivid colors instead of faded ones, but not too much:

Darker windows look better. Consider using predefined colors:

Consider some parts of the model to use smooth shading:

Another example:

All of that is just a recommendation and not hard rules. Be creative!

Known issues

Loading can stuck at Loading Assets message on MacOS

This probably caused by macOS sandbox. Run this command in Terminal to mark app as safe:

$ xattr -dr PATH_TO_UNZIPPED_FOLDER e.g.
$ xattr -dr ~/Downloads/VoxelTycoonMac

Error reporting

You can report issues to Please ensure no such issue was reported earlier!

Logs locations:

Release notes





API changes




This site is hosted on GitHub, so feel free to open a Pull Request if you think something can be fixed, like a small typo or the whole sentences.