This SDK version is pretty obsolete. You should use the one bundled with the game to produce valid mods.

What is it?

This is a stripped version of the game that contains tools allowing you to customize, preview, and test any 3rd-party content in the actual game’s environment.


Release notes

System requirements

  • 64bit Windows Vista SP1+ / Mac OS X 10.9+ / Ubuntu 12.04+
  • DX11 / OpenGL Core 4.1 / Metal compatible video card
  • 2GB+ RAM
  • Curiosity


Detailed documentation will come later. You can help us by making your own tutorials. A little one can be found on legacy page.

You can always get help on our #modding channel at Discord.

Quick tips:

  • If you have assets from legacy SDK, just put it into new folder in Content directory and Asset Aditor will convert them for you.
  • Root folders in Content directory are considered as different mod packs.
  • All URI has the following structure: {pack_name}/{file_name}, eg. your_first_pack/mesh.obj. The actual path to the file inside the pack folder doesn’t matter.
  • All URI should be lowercase. It’s recommended to keep asset names in lowercase also to avoid possible caveats.
  • Only .obj is supported for meshes at the moment.
  • If you want to feature your work in the in-game mod gallery please check this guide

Design guidelines

Do not try to exactly mimic real life representation, but rather try to get fancy nice-looking feel that fits the game overall style.

You can notice that our models are:

  • Much shorter than their prototypes
  • Can have different count of axles
  • Not overdetailed but still recognizable
  • Vivid and toy-ish looking
  • The biggest buildings have maximum size of 5x5x10

Use vivid colors instead of faded ones, but not too much:

Darker windows look better. Consider using predefined colors:

Consider some parts of the model to use smooth shading:

Another example:

All of that is just a recommendation and not hard rules. Be creative!

Known issues

Loading can stuck at Loading Assets message on MacOS

This is probably caused by macOS sandboxing. Run this command in Terminal to mark the app as safe:

$ xattr -dr PATH_TO_UNZIPPED_FOLDER e.g.
$ xattr -dr ~/Downloads/VoxelTycoonMac

Error reporting

You can report issues to Please ensure no such issue was reported earlier!

Logs locations:

  • Windows: %APPDATA%\..\LocalLow\VoxelTycoon\VoxelTycoon\output_log.txt
  • macOS: ~/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log
  • Linux: ~/.config/unity3d/VoxelTycoon/VoxelTycoon/Player.log

Release notes


  • Added in-game Mod Browser where you can browse for already published creations and manage installed mods (thanks Alego22 and meinroman for help with bug hunting):

  • If you are mod creator and want to feature your work in the gallery please check this guide
  • Fixed meshes with more than 50 vertices per face failed to load (thanks meinroman!)


  • Fixed multiple axles per bogie do not work (thanks Golden Arrow!)
  • Updated chme3 model
  • Fixed some UI issues



  • Edge pan (in fullscreen)
  • WASD and ←↑↓→ to pan (hold Shift to rotate)
  • Added persistent settings to toggle music and VSync
  • Vehicles moving/stopped state is also persistent (thanks Alego22!)

API changes

  • More than one smoke per train unit now supported (thanks TransCanadaLimited!)


  • Added macOS and Linux versions
  • Added sample steam.trainsound
  • If mesh has no normals they will be autocalculated
  • Fixed obj importer generates extra triangles (thanks Alego22!)
  • Fixed asset editor does not respect mesh bounds if it was hot-reloaded (thanks Alego22!)
  • Fixed wires do not want to explode (thanks firestarspelt!)


  • Initial release of SDK 2.0


This site is hosted on GitHub, so feel free to open a Pull Request if you think something can be fixed, like a small typo or the whole sentences.