We are developing Voxel Tycoon — strategy game about transportation, building factories, and mining in infinite voxel landscapes.

Dig into our FAQ to read answers on the most frequently asked questions, and don’t forget to follow our social channels for updates.


31 Aug

We’ve published a detailed  Roadmap

17 Aug

Welcoming everyone to join the conversation on just created Discord server

15 Aug

Community made rolling stock already starting to appear in the game

11 Aug

The very first iteration of modding SDK has landed (yes, months before release)

1 Aug

We have left our jobs to work on the game full-time

16 Jul

Created an album to upload vehicle suggestions

17 Jun

The FAQ posted that announces the first alpha will be released till the end of 2017

8 Jun

Voxel Tycoon has been Greenlit on Steam with more than 5,000 YES votes

29 May

Started a Steam Greenlight campaign

20 Apr

This site has born

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