Good news: Level crossings are CANCELLED!

UPDATE: This post was our April Fool’s Day joke! We hope you enjoyed the fun.

Hey there, Voxel Tycoon community!

We’ve been hard at work here at Voxel Tycoon HQ, analyzing feedback, poring over data, and conducting what might be the most extensive survey in our history. After compiling the results from thousands of responses, a staggering statistic emerged: nearly 99.99% of you delivered a resounding “NO” to level crossings! It turns out bridges and tunnels are the undisputed champions of your transportation empires.

Here are a few examples of your responses to prove we’re not lying:

“In our three-dimensional wonderland, we either go high or dig deep. Level crossings feel like a two-dimensional concept we’ve transcended.”

“I’ve calculated that the time saved by not waiting at level crossings over a year could be used to knit approximately 3.7 sweaters. Bridges and tunnels only, please.”

“Level crossings disrupt the natural migration paths of the virtual wildlife. It’s high time we consider the ecological footprint of our transportation networks.”

“In my historically accurate recreation of the Roman Empire in Voxel Tycoon, there were no level crossings. Keeping with tradition, I see no need for them.”

In light of this overwhelming consensus, we’re excited to announce a bold new direction for Voxel Tycoon: we’re saying goodbye to level crossings. That’s right, from this moment on, our focus shifts entirely to creating the most sophisticated, efficient, and frankly, more aesthetically pleasing alternatives - bridges that stretch majestically into the skies and tunnels that burrow through the very heart of Voxel Earth.

Why the change?

  • Safety First: Our virtual citizens can now sleep soundly, knowing they’ll never again be late due to a train crossing.
  • Efficiency: Why wait when you can go over or under? Our new bridge and tunnel technology ensures your transportation networks are more efficient than ever.
  • Aesthetics: Let’s be real, bridges and tunnels add that extra bit of flair to your cities. It’s time to embrace the beauty of unobstructed landscapes and architecturally significant overpasses.

But wait, there’s more!

As part of this groundbreaking update, we’re introducing two premium content packs: the Ultra-Mega-Super Bridge Kit and the Tunnel Tycoon Pack, each at the modest price of $10. Get ready to elevate your infrastructure game with these exclusive, one-of-a-kind construction options. Skyline’s not the limit!

And because we love a good surprise…

Gotcha! Fear not, we’re working hard on level crossings and other amazing updates. Happy April Fool’s Day, everyone!

Stay awesome,
Voxel Tycoon Devs

Images courtesy of Level Crossing Decorations Mod

01 April 2024