Introducing the Beta Branch!

We invite you to join the new Beta Branch! If you want to be on the edge of the Voxel Tycoon development and be able to provide feedback quickly directly to the devs, then that’s for you.

The beta branch will be updated more frequently than the main branch and will contain unfinished content and mechanics which might or might not end up in the main branch. Most likely, it will also contain various errors.

On the other hand, you will have an opportunity to make a direct impact on the game development!

Is it safe to switch back and forth between beta and main branches?

Most of the time, yes - but saves made in the beta might not work in the main branch.

Where can I see what’s changed with the recent beta update?

On the #changelog-beta channel on Discord.

Where should I share the feedback?

On the #general-beta channel on Discord.

Count me in! How do I get there?

Just hop into the Voxel Tycoon properties on Steam client, and choose to opt-in in the Beta!

What else I can do?

Please consider assigning yourself the beta-testers role if you want to be pinged about beta stuff! To do so, go to #welcome-beta channel and react with the tube emoji.


21 April 2021

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