Back to work

Hello fellow tycoons! If you wonder how things are going on with the development of the game right now, this post is for you.

The next big feature we are working on is the rework of rail and road systems. It is a huge task and its results won’t be available to testers for a few more updates. Please be patient on that, we want to make everything right this time so we don’t need to remake it for the 5th time 😉

Of course, it would be too long time to wait before this update will be released. So, we continue to work on other updates and plan to release them on regular basis. For example, the next update adds - and many of you already guessed it - the highly requested vehicle auto-replacement functionality.

However, those of you who follow the development closely (like our beta testers) might have noticed that the update pace has slowed down a bit. Some of you might even think that the game is abandoned… but not so fast!

We just took a little summer vacation after 5 years of work on the game. This mostly involved not laying on the beach but finally completing some overdue personal business.

Remember this incident? The time has come to remove the plate from Andrew’s shoulder, and now it’s done! It had to be removed earlier, but we couldn’t just take our dedication from the Early Access release.

Another thing we did is moving to other cities. It was planned some time ago and it finally happened. It’s still two different cities, so we continue to work remotely.

Now, as we finished these real-life things, we are ready to get back to work. The pace of updates will speed up soon. Also, we are looking for a possibility of expanding our team with more developers to speed up the development even further. Can’t share anything on that at the moment, but hopefully, everything will work out.

What we know for sure is that we are not going anywhere, and the future of Voxel Tycoon is bright. At the moment of writing, the game has 85% of positive reviews on Steam. We can’t stop thank you people for such a warm welcome of Voxel Tycoon. It means a lot to us 💜

And it’s worth mentioning that by no means do we think Voxel Tycoon is close to being done. There’s a ton of work ahead, and we absolutely inspired to make these plans a reality, together with you!

04 September 2021