Community spotlight

Before getting you straight to beautiful shots of the heavily modded game made by our community members playing Pre-Alpha, there’s a quick state of development report:

No ETA on the Steam EA yet, but we are working hard to deliver as soon as possible. A lot of things should be done right, such as a tutorial, Steam Workshop integration, and passenger transportation. We can’t fail with the Steam EA launch, so we take our time.

Now, enjoy the awesome community work!

Bullet train from Japan by Fredrik Leftin

Po Valley by Fredrik Leftin

Alpine viaducts by Fredrik Leftin

Shot by fevtin

L’Arrivée d’un train en gare de la Ciotat by fevtin

Sulfur mine by Fredrik Leftin

Shot by lui

Shot by lui

The Nevada desert by Fredrik Leftin

Canyon Valley by Fredrik Leftin

Scottish line by Fredrik Leftin

Egyptian settlement by Fredrik Leftin

Transalpine line by Fredrik Leftin

Meanwhile in Alaska… by Fredrik Leftin

Country freight yard by Fredrik Leftin

Coal mine yard by Fredrik Leftin

That’s it for today!

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01 December 2020