August development update

As you may already know, Voxel Tycoon is just one update away from hitting Steam Early Access. And this time, we mean it!

This will differ quite a bit from our usual updates, though. A successful Steam launch is crucial for VT’s future development, so we can’t afford to rush it.

Besides many quality of life improvements in preparation for Steam, VT will now feature a brand new game mechanic - passenger transportation! This involves many changes and lots of new content, like the new vehicles and stations that will be unlocked with research.

There’re some other things up our sleeves as well, such as Steam Workshop integration, and some other unannounced changes and improvements. All of this is bringing the update far past its original scale.

Radio silence

With all of that said, and as you can probably imagine, a large amount of work is required to make such an important update. A lot of it is already done, but a lot is still in the works, too. And given the amount of things changing all at once, we can’t realistically predict how much more time we need (it should at least be this year!). Like any complex mechanism, we can’t say it works as intended - i.e. playing the game is fun enough - until all of the parts are done and connected together.

And that’s why you don’t hear from us very often these days. We’re busy! This is probably one of the most important times in Voxel Tycoon’s life, and our own lives, too.

Just a beginning

We really can’t thank you enough for taking this journey with us through VT’s development. But this is just the start - we are committed to bringing even more content to Voxel Tycoon after the game reaches Early Access!

Also, big thanks to our beloved modders, bringing new content to the game almost every day. You are so cool and talented, and some of your creations so creative and clever that we can’t help but be amazed. Keep up the great work!

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22 August 2020