Modding updates

Today’s post covers some modding-related news that happened in the last weeks.

Old School Style mod in action

Official modding documentation

We’ve finally set up our brand new home for modding documentation.

Please welcome: No so much covered there yet, but we are constantly working on bringing new topics, guides, and reference documentation for you.

Also, if you feel like you could contribute to the docs, please give it a shot! You can suggest edits for specific pages (see that pencil icon at the top of every page?), or create completely new pages with new guides and manuals by cloning the backing repository and opening pull requests.

Community guides

Thank to amazing work of our community member scailman, we already have a few community made tutorials, very helpful for beginners in Voxel Tycoon modding:

We also recommend to check mods made by scailman in the modding gallery - they are awesome!

Official mods

We love mods so much, so even created a couple by ourselves.

Makes resource deposits never deplete.
Make the game older by 20 years thanks to nostalgic old school styled vehicles movement.

Of course, their main purpose is educational. Source code for our mods is now available on GitHub, along with samples from modding guides from the modding docs. Feel free to explore it!

#mods Discord channel

We’ve also set up a channel on our Discord Server that automatically lets members know when new mods get released or updated.

That’s it by now!

More modding-related updates are planned, so stay tuned! And please wishlist Voxel Tycoon on Steam, if you didn’t yet:

29 April 2020