Next stop: Steam Early Access

It’s hard to believe that - after four years of development - we are finally standing at the gate of Steam Early Access. But it’s true!

Our focus is now shifted from updating the current version that is available on Itch (called Pre-Alpha) to finishing features that separate us from bringing the game to Steam Early Access (we call that stage the Alpha).

We already briefly announced our plans with the release of 0.80 version of the game, stating that was the last update before the game is available on Steam.

However, we don’t want to completely exclude you - our beloved players and modders - from getting your hands on the new features for the whole period while we’ll be busy working on bringing the Alpha to Steam.

New update pace

While we are working on Steam EA release, new builds are still going to be released, but they will no longer be big updates. 0.80.1 is a great example of such an update.

This also means that new releases may happen more often than it was before. We recommend you to install the game via Itch App to keep it always up-to-date without any hassle.

If you bought the game without registering, you can always restore you purchase and link the game to your Itch account that you use to login to the Itch App.

Modding and Steam Workshop

The Alpha will feature Steam Workshop integration, so sharing your work with the community never been more streamlined. We encourage you to start making your mods today so they’ll be ready for the Alpha release.

For those who don’t know where to start, the new guide just has been published (thanks scailman!): Creating your first content mod.

Also, check out our new home for modding documentation: Voxel Tycoon modding documentation.

Follow the roadmap

You can always get an idea of what features are still needed to be done before Steam Early Access on our roadmap. Check the column Before Steam EA and look for [DONE]tags on cards.

Stay tuned!

We are so glad to see you guys taking this journey together with us. Don’t forget, that the Alpha is just a beginning for our little project, and we have so much to bring to Voxel Tycoon after the game reaches Steam Early Access.

If you didn’t yet, join our Discord server, and follow us on your favorite social media to keep up to date!

See ya!

11 April 2020